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Unique Tube Line-level transformerless Mic
What Are They?

  They are CTL-15 tube microphones whose unique transformerless design assures a high-voltage line-level unbalanced output. Based on the time-tested fixed-diagramme M7 & M8 capsules, the CTL-15s were developed and hand-made by sound producer Nikita Ivanov-Noman.
  The package includes two CTL-15 microphones: one with cardioid and one with figure-of-eight fixed-diagramme capsules; a mic case; a power unit with a power cord; a passive unbalanced attenuator for level adjustment; and two hand-picked sound cords.      
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  Optionally the package can include a passive attenuator with a balanced transformer output and a tube transformerless buffer amplifier with 200 Ohm balanced output. The option permits interfacing with regular balanced systems.      
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Unique Features of the New Microphone System

Unbalanced high-voltage signal pass architecture.
A very large 10-60 V magnitude of its unbalanced output signal, against the conventional 5-40 mV balanced level, keeps the sounding of voice and instruments full, natural, and with all microdynamic details there.
The system combines such seemingly incompatible features as an amazingly soft and deep sounding and magnificent relief and micronuances.
Because the power cord is connected to the mic without a plug the friction noise of the contacts is reduced
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  Over years of operational development of the CTL-15s in studio the system unfailingly demonstrated its superiority over conventional balanced low-voltage mics.
  The sound performance of the Neumann M7 capsule can be appreciated listening to Ella Fitzgerald.s old recordings made with its help.
  Available are CTL-15 studio recordings of various singers in different genres.
  Demonstration can be easily organized, just write me.

    Sound example Aquarium - Two Trains (apple losseless, need QuickTime player)
    Video example Aquarium - Day of Joy
Owing to their unique design and performance,
the microphones are sold to the highest bidder,
the starting price being 8,500 euros.

Please e-mail your inquiries and offers to

CTL-15 Tube mic

CTL-15 Tube Mic
Case with CTL-15 Mics

Case with CTL-15 Mics
Power Unit

Power Unit
Neumann Capsul

Neumann Capsul

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